Tips On Avoiding Tow Truck Scams (That I Should’ve Known)

Tow Truck Scams To Watch Out For

If you’re in an emergency and you need to contact a tow truck company you need to be aware that some towing companies use deceptive business tactics on their customers.

Tips On How Not To Get Conned

If by chance you ever need the service of a tow truck company because either you’ve been in an accident, your car won’t start or you’ve had a flat tire etc this article is for you. If you do not have AAA which stands for American Automobile Association coverage and you are in a situation where you need tow truck services you need to search for a legitimate tow truck company. You need to ask them certain questions that will in the end stop you from getting ripped off from unscrupulous tow truck drivers.

 Scams that are related to the tow truck business

The first thing you need to realize it’s just like anything if it seems too good to be true it probably is. If you see a super low price to tow your car don’t fall for it because there’s always going to be hidden fees such as charging you by the mile. So do not fall for the very low tow truck prices, these are usually scams that end up costing you a lot more than if you went with a higher rate. A low rate would be anywhere between 20 to $30 to charge, a regular rate is roughly about $85. So don’t go for the lower rate or you’ll be very sorry.

Tow Trucks That Appear Out Of No Where

You need to be aware of a tow truck company that pops up out of nowhere after you’ve had an accident or you’re stuck on the side of a highway. These type of tow truck companies are actually using smartphone apps to listen to police scanners. This is their way of doing business. They listen to the scanner and they hear that there’s an accident on the freeway in a certain location and they don’t magically pop up. This is not an accident just happened it happened purposely because they’re listening to a police scanner.

Legitimate Tow Truck Services

 If you want to deal with legitimate towing companies these are the ones and tips that you should be using. You need to know how long the truck company has been in business for. If they just started towing in the last 6 months then it’s best to stay away from him. The longer they’ve been in business the more legitimate they will be. Also reading online reviews will help you stay clear of fraudulent and deceptive tow truck drivers. The only problem is when you’re in a predicament, the last thing you want to do is start searching and reading online reviews and Better Business Bureau ratings. So if you have the opportunity it’s best to have a legitimate tow truck company in place even before the issue arises.

We realize this is easier said than done but if you have the opportunity to do some due diligence now and put that tow truck company in your smartphone so they are readily available for you down the road if you ever have an issue and you need a tow truck company to help you.

I’ve had a few issues with tow truck companies in the past so I thought I’d put out this article to help people. Thanks for reading the article guys have a great day!

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